Mission Statement

The mission of RTD (Recovery Through Discovery) is to help those who are seeking recovery from the debilitating effects of addiction to alcohol and other drugs. At RTD we offer our shared experience, strength, and hope in an alternative way that differs from traditional treatment modalities. Seminars, encounter groups, and individual counseling will be organized in conjunction with experienced therapists. Weekly workshops will focus on self actualization and exploring the inner self. The importance of altered states of consciousness will also be addressed.

Living alcohol and drug-free is an altered state for an addicted individual. Opportunities will be provided to achieve altered states through readings, introduction to artistic concepts, music appreciation and discussion of philosophical approaches. Our goal is to provide a safe environment for people seeking recovery where they can participate and discuss daily living problems in a fearless and honest manner.

Social awareness, the understanding of good relationships, and the value of altruism will be a daily goal. RTD’s position is that being drug-free is possible without the use of psychotropic medication. Information about alternative methods to help ease withdrawal and the confusion that comes with it will be provided. RTD will work with other like-minded programs to assist in helping these individuals.